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Thursday, August 15, 2013

May I Have Your Autograph???

In 1973 I’m working in a large mail order business in San Diego.  We ran full-page weekly ads in national coin publications, needing regular infusions of new material to fill orders for collectors across the country.  One of our key sources of new material was Harlan White.
Harlan White

Harlan White, owner of San Diego’s Old Coin Shop, was a dynamic and savvy dealer, an industry leader as it transitioned from a rich man’s hobby to fun for every man.   Harlan handled all series of U.S. coins and currency, specializing in Silver Dollars, $50 gold coins, Hawaiian coins and high denomination currency.  If you needed a $500 or $1000 bill, Harlan would likely have it on hand. 

Harlan sometimes seemed a bit larger than life; he really loved to tease and play jokes on family, friends and the unsuspecting public.   He had an astute eye for coins as well as varied items of interest and value to collectors.