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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Missed A GEM Opportunity

As detailed in the previous post, Dan Brown was a fine gentleman and numismatist.  I truly appreciated the time and thoughtfulness he regularly shared, increasing my numismatic education and experience.

On another trip to Denver, Dan could hardly wait to “show and tell” some truly special items. I was definitely interested to see what he had and learn why he thought these were special.

Monday, August 20, 2012

A Numismatic Gentleman

Dan Brown
(Photo courtesy of American
Numismatic Association
Today I remember one of the great old time dealers -- Dan Brown, of Denver, Colorado. He was a fine numismatist and gentleman. Dan started his career as a conductor on the electric railway in downtown Denver, saving good coins he encountered along the way.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Rare Coin Worth 2x Average Salary

In 1965 I was still a newbie in the coin market, working as a partner in a San Diego coin shop, learning fast.

One day a gent walked into the shop with business on his mind.  This fellow visited the shop regularly, though I had not seen him buy much of anything.

He asked if I was planning to attend the Statler Hilton coin show in Los Angeles the following week.  I was.  We talked about how all the “big guns” in the coin market attended from all over the country.

Then he stated his business:  would I be willing to sell a coin for him at the upcoming show?  Of course I would!

1796 No Pole Half Cent
1796 No Pole Half Cent
2008 Goldberg auction

He brings out a 1796 Half Cent, an issue I had not yet seen and knew very little about.