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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Buffalo Bill Rides Again

In 1973 I was working in a large mail order business in San Diego.  One day I had a call from Continental Coin in Van Nuys, describing a big collection of Buffalo Nickels they had just acquired and thought we could use.  Was I interested?  Of course I was!  Our inventory was always short of Buffalos.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Big One That Got Away!

In September 1994 I received a call from a long time customer and friend with an interesting numismatic opportunity.  This fellow was a well connected business owner in the Spokane area; his coin interest and expertise were common knowledge.

A local bank contacted him for advice dealing with a special coin collection and he referred them to me.  I flew to Spokane to take a look.

What I found was one of the more interesting collections I've had the opportunity to examine during my career -- approximately 50 pieces of Bust Gold before 1840.  Highlights included:

1796 Stars $2.5 Gold
1796 Stars $2.50 Gold
Heritage Auction #1173
1796 Stars - $2.5
1808 - $2.5
Also 1807, 1829, 1830 and 1831 - $2.5

1795 - $5
Several nice $5s between 1800 and 1812, a few in the 1820s, including 1823, 1826 and 1830

1795 - $10
1838 - $10
Also 1798, 1799, 1803 - $10